Portland Aluminium Partnership

Since 2010, Portland Aluminium has been in a partnership with Portland District Health to help Portland district people in times of medical emergency.  

The Portland Aluminium Urgent Care Assistance Fund provides immediate support to people who are required to accompany members of their family ( under 25 year old patients) transferred out of town to higher care hospital facilities. Through assistance from the fund, a family member or support person can have accommodation and transfers arranged by a Portland District Health representative or apply to be reimbursed to cover those costs.

PDH’s Accident and Emergency Department provides high quality and safe care, however there are times when critically ill patients require transfer to another hospital for further treatment and specialist care,  in these instances, the fund is a real support, it is extremely helpful in keeping families together in times of need and  eliminates the added worry and burden on those family members who are already dealing with the stress and anticipation of having a loved one in need of emergency medical treatment four hours from home and in an unfamiliar city.

Portland Aluminium contributes $24,000 annually to the fund. At the end of each partnership year PA and PDH have an annual meeting to discuss and look at ways to improve the partnership and how it is delivered. One such addition has now seen a clause written into the original partnership agreement where PDH are able to use any of the excess partnership dollars, provided there is always a set minimum amount in the Fund account, to purchase or put towards new equipment for the Emergency Department. The fund is managed by PDH, who determine the eligibility of patients through a set of developed guidelines.

Throughout the years the fund has been accessed numerous times, with each time families expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the support provided. The partnership has also seen vital equipment purchased for the ED. Portland Aluminium is always looking to add value in the community through its Partnering Stronger Communities program. Safety is a core value for Portland Aluminium and the smelter recognise that when families are faced with uncertainty it can be a very emotional burden and stressful time. To be able to take some of that away from them plays a small but significant role.

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