The pharmacy department at PDH has a team of dedicated and skilled professionals who are committed to the promotion of quality use of medicines.

At PDH Pharmacy, we offer the following services:

Information for our patients

PDH pharmacy staff are here to help you with your medicines needs to ensure safe, efficient and timely pharmacy services. We do liaise with your community healthcare providers (like your GP & Pharmacists) to get the best possible medication history for you. To enable us achieve this, and to ensure that all your medicines’ needs are met, we advise that you bring along with you:

Pharmacy discharge lists detailing all medicines you take are available for you on discharge. We also issue Consumer Medicines Information for all new medications upon discharge or upon request for existing medicines.

For medicines that you No longer need as recommended by your doctor, we can help you dispose of them.

Our hours of operation are 8.30am-5pm Mondays through Fridays. We do NOT open on weekends and public holidays.

To talk to the pharmacy staff for any medicines information please ring 0355210329 or e-mail

If you have any complaints or need more information please call John Okaroh, Director of Pharmacy, on 0355210323.

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