Consumer Representation

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is the group established to provide direction and leadership to increase community and consumer involvement at Portland District Health.

The CAC also has an important role in advocating to the Board of Management on behalf of the community, consumers and carers. The committee brings a community perspective to the development of priority areas and key issues to strengthen and make effective consumer and community participation at all levels of service planning and delivery.

Portland District Health aims to meet the needs of its community and takes seriously the responsibility under the Health Services Act to ensure effective community participation.

The CAC was established at PDH in February 2013 and it has grown and developed in its role and achievements since this time

Who is the PDH Community Advisory Committee?

There are currently 12 members of PDH CAC including community, board and staff members.

What has the CAC achieved?

The CAC has been involved in:

  • Participation in the preparation of the Quality of Care Reports
  • Reviewing of patient information brochures
  • Development of the patient information booklet
  • Review and analysis of consumer feedback
  • Reviewing signage and parking issues
  • Speaking to the staff about patient experiences
  • The accreditation process
  • The installation of consumer noticeboards
  • The development of the slideshow in the emergency waiting area

Providing feedback to PDH

More information about consumer involvement at PDHPhone: 03 55210316.The following sites contain further information about community and consumer participation.

Also see: Compliments, Suggestions, Complaints Brochure