Consulting Suite

PDH Consulting Suite visiting Specialist Doctors and Staff provide high level of quality and professional care to our patients.

Our clinic is located within Portland District Health. We provide a spacious, comfortable and professional clinic catering for the requirements of our Staff and Patients.

Ample Car parking and disabled access is provided to our facility.

 Through their ongoing support and commitment our specialist staff are able to provide the following comprehensive range of specialist services

PDH Consulting Suite is a Private Clinic with Private Fees.

Specialist Referrals for the following are to be forwarded to the Specialist Clinic for the following specialist doctors. We prefer referred patients to contact our clinic to arrange an appointment. If referred patients have not contacted our clinic upon referral we will make contact with the patient.

All other referrals to our other visiting Specialists are to be directed to their prospective clinics

Specialist Surgeons  

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery / Hand & Trauma Surgery

Consultant Physicians 

Anaesthetists (Resident PDH)


      (Dept Renal Medicine - Geelong) 

Medical Oncologist


Urological Surgeon


Orthopaedic Surgeons


 Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Ophthalmic Surgeon    




Our opening hours are Monday - Friday from 8.30 am to 5.00pm  

PH: 0355221410

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