Community Transport

Community transport

Portland District Health provides community transport with the assistance of volunteer drivers, for Medical appointments, access to community services and one-off social activities, under the Commonwealth Home support Program (CHSP).

My Aged Care is the entry point for access to CHSP funded community transport, and as such our coordinator, will complete a referral to My Aged Care with your consent, if this has not already been completed, and assist you to complete a care plan, so you are aware of your goals of service.

Any member of the public can request the service, and a service provider can contact the service, on behalf of the client, with consent.

Service eligibility:



There is a fee for this service.

A donation is suggested from recipients, according to the distance travelled, to help with ongoing costs of car maintenance and fuel, not funded by the government program.

As such suggested contributions are as follows:




Local Portland-CBD


Outside Portland CBD, Heywood


Warrnambool, Mt Gambier, Hamilton


Colac, Horsham


Geelong, Ballarat





Fees are negotiated at the time of booking and invoiced by Portland District Health on the day of your trip.

No cash is collected by the volunteers on the day.

Fees may be waived in times of financial hardship. Please speak to our Community transport coordinator at the time of booking.

Some support for reimbursement of transport costs can be applied for through the Victorian Patient Transport Scheme (VPTAS) and our coordinator can provide you with documentation required for submission.

Eligibility criteria exists, and requires trips to be greater than 100 km from your home address.

Should you have any questions please contact our Community transport coordinator on Ph. 03 55221402.

Available Monday to Friday 0900-1300. Voicemail available.

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