Cape Bridgewater

Cape Bridgewater is a quiet seaside town, unspoilt, unhurried and tucked away where it remains a true treasure waiting to be discovered. Noted for its stunning natural attractions, Cape Bridgewater boasts white sandy beaches safe for swimming, rugged windswept cliff-tops, lakes, a sculptured coastline, limestone formations, caves, blowholes and mountainous sand dunes.

One highlight of the area is the barren moonscape of the Petrified Forest. There are many theories as to how it was formed and geologists believe the area was once covered in a forest of moonah trees. One theory is that a sandstone crust was formed over the remains of the moonah trees and it has been dissolved from the inside leaving intriguing sandstone columns.

Carved into the nearby cliffs are the Blowholes, which create spectacular spouts of spray and a sensational noise during high seas. Further around the Cape, water drains through the limestone and emerges as springs along the cliffs, resulting in fresh water pools. The walk to the springs is 2 km from the car park.

To the west of Cape Bridgewater is the wild and untamed 8,000 ha that makes up Discovery Bay Coastal Park and the 3,050 ha that make up the Discovery Bay Marine National Park. Discovery Bay is remote and secluded and the beach stretches as far as the eye can see. The unruly tides of the ocean make this beach area an unsafe place to swim and limited access to the Park makes it all the more isolated. Bound on one side by the wild southern ocean, Discovery Bay is renowned for its extraordinary vista of sand dunes extending all the way to Nelson. You can walk for kilometres beachcombing, try your hand at surf fishing, or just marvel at this amazing expanse of shifting sands.

Bridgewater freshwater lakes add another dimension to the area. They are an ideal place for canoeing, fishing, water skiing, picnics or just soaking up the atmosphere. Limestone caves opposite the entrance to Bridgewater Lakes are home to many bats and provide excellent views across Discovery Bay.

One of Cape Bridgewater’s most popular natural attractions would undoubtedly be the seals. Bridgewater boasts one of the largest colonies of Australian fur seals in south west Victoria. Seal Point is home to over 700 seals and ‘Seals by Sea Tours’ will take you on a 45-minute boat trip alongside the rock platforms and into the mouth of the cave where you will experience a unique interaction with the seals, in their natural habitat.

Alternatively, a walking track accessed from the car park, will take you on a strenuous 2 hour return walk to a seal-viewing platform where you can see the seals soaking up the sun and frolicking in the water below.

Cape Bridgewater has many unspoilt attractions and its appeal lies in its natural beauty, peace and tranquillity. The diversity of scenery is unsurpassed and Cape Bridgewater is a truly unique and wonderful location.


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