Advanced Care Planning

Friday, 31 October 2014
Advanced Care Planning is not new. It was started as a pilot program with the Austin Hospital in Victoria 2002. In March 2014 the Victorian Department of Health launched “Advance Care Planning”: having the conversation: a strategy for Victorian Health Services 2014-2018. This strategy supports Health Services to develop, review and activate Advance Care Planning with the people they care for.

Advanced Care Planning provides people over the age of 18 an opportunity to plan and record their health care preferences, in consultation with their Health Professionals, family members and other important people in their lives. The process enables individuals to reflect on what is important to them, their beliefs, values, goals and preferences in life and how they would want to be cared for if they became ill or injured and could not communicate decisions about the medical treatment they would prefer.

Moyne Health Services has established a steering committee to commence this strategy. The Committee is dedicated to “starting the conversation” with any admission to the service and for our Community Clients.

The Committee is also currently reviewing the information packages that will be available to Residents, Patients, Community Clients and staff.

By having an Advanced Care Plan documented it helps to alleviate the anguish of family and friends having to make decisions about your care and treatment, that they are unsure you would want. An Advance Care Plan directs what your wishes would be regarding treatment options.

Further Information contact Glynis Dean: Age Care Manager Moyne Health Services;  55680100.