Home Nursing believes that there is no place like home to get well and remain independent.

Home Nursing provides a range of services in your home or another agreed place (eg at work or at school) to help you remain at home as well as possible.  Our goal is to work alongside you to meet your individual needs.  To do this we will

  • develop with you, in individualised care plan, that is specific to achieving your health care goals.  You will receive a copy of this care plan.
  • provide the agreed care that you require or, refer to an appropriate outside agency, if required.
  • teach you or your family to provide the care, or parts of the care.

Home Nursing work with many other providers such as your local doctor, allied health staff such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, dietitian, local governament and other agencies.

On admission we shall ask you for your consent to share your information with these providers.  You may decline consent to share your information with anyone that you wish.

How can I access Home Nursing?

Anyone can be referred to Home Nursing in writing or over the phone.  Referrals can come from your GP or other health professional, a family member or even yourself.

How soon can I expect a visit from Home Nursing?

Within 24 hours of receiving your referral for home nursing our staff will contact you to arrange your first visit.

What does it cost?

Home Nursing is required to charge a fee to clients whose care fits under the Home and Community Care (HACC) program, which covers general health care services provided in your home.

Clients who do not fit the HACC criteria may access Home Nursing as a privately funded client.

When our staff first visit you, they will give you a structure of the fees which are assessed on an income level scale.

If you have a difficulty with paying the fees you can discuss this with our staff member who can request to have your fees reconsidered. 

What about my information?

Home Nursing respect your right to confidentiality at all times. Our staff will not discuss your personal information with anyone else, including neighbours and other health care professionals, unless you give them permission to do so.  

What if I need equipment?

Specific equipment and supplies are often needed to provide safe and effective home care. 

Your nurse will advise you about equipment and supplies you may need, and can give you information about equipment loan, hire or purchase.

Hours of Operation:

8.00 am to 8.00 pm, 7 days per week. 

How to Contact:

Telephone: 5232 5255 (message bank available)

Mobile: 0418 520705

Fax: 5232 5205

On days of Very High, Severe and Extrememe Fire Danger, clients living outside the parameters of Colac, may have their visit rescheduled to another day or arrangements made to attend Colac Area Health for treatment.  Notification will be made the day prior to the scheduled visit where possible.