Colac Area Health Acute Care Services consists of the Haemodialysis Unit, Maternity Services and the inpatient Acute Ward.

The inpatient Acute Ward consists or 40 beds including Maternity Services and three dialysis chairs.

The Acute Ward provides a broad range of services catering for medical, surgical and palliative care patient admissions.   The nursing staff in the Acute ward bring a broad range of clinical experience to the team, and are supported by a professional and customer focused team of administration staff.  Colac Area Health Acute Care service strive to provide a high level of care to the community with broad and complex needs, and is supported by a committed and experienced Community Services Team including; Allied Health, Community Nursing and Family and Community Services to provide patient centred care for individual and their families.

As the community’s clinical services team we value the opinions and feedback of our consumers.  For the opportunity to provide feedback and make recommendations for service improvement please refer to our feedback form on the Colac Area Health website.


Visiting Hours:

General Admission patients: 1100-1230

General and Maternity Services patient admissions: 1400-2000

Rest period for all patients: 1230-1400


Click to access the CAH Acute Ward "At Risk Patient" follow up survey


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