Dental Services in Balmoral

RAN Kim Dufty welcomes Amanda Bickley, KyShen Tang, Donna Mercado & Carol Walkenhorst from South West Dental Services to BBNC
Tuesday, 27 October 2015
BBNC in a joint project with South West Dental Services have held their first dental clinic last week. The fortnightly service will bring a much needed service to our remote community.

With alternating visits between Dental Therapist KyShen Tang and Dentist Dr Alex Reid, Balmoral will have access to a broad range of dental care through both public and private health support.

Dr Reid will attend to dental examinations fillings, extractions, dentures, emergency care, mouthguards and referrals as required.

KyShen will undertaken regular cleaning programs, examinations, and hygiene instructions and works with children to introduce and support good dental care.

Supported by the public dental service healthcare card holders can access priority access. The service is also supported by most public health funds.

For more information or an appointment with our dentist or dental therapist please contact the Centre for an appointment on 5570 1304.